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Providing Elegance & Sophistication in Kansas City since 2010

Stylish Staging looks forward to servicing your Home Staging Services and Design needs. We have been helping homeowners, developers, builders, realtors, and investors sell their homes quickly since 2010 and serve clients in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka as well as areas in between. Please contact us about your project.

Stylish Staging is your competitive edge to help you sell your home quicker which also means more money in your pocket. Without staging, carrying costs, such as Taxes, Insurance, and Mortgage payments will continue to chip away at your profits. Home Staging costs less than a price reduction and provides the “wow” online and in person! Stylish Staging is driven by a mutual love of home design and desire to help home sellers prepare their properties to enter today’s challenging real estate market.

  • According to NAR buyers shop online first.
  • Empty, is not show ready. Buyers are less likely to add your house to the must-see list.
  • Your online marketing photos are key to attracting buyers to your property.
  • Once the buyer is at your property you have around “10” seconds to “wow” them once they enter the door.

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