Staging and Design

  • Stylish Staging & Design
    Staged and under contract in 6 days!

What is Staging?

Home staging is about preparing a property to enter today's competitive real estate market with its best foot forward. Stylish Staging prepares properties to:

-Appeal to the broadest range of home buyers possible
-Attract the maximum number of viewings
-Sell as quickly as possible
-Command the highest selling price possible

Staging for sale is about simplifying, neutralizing and enhancing a home's appearance to direct the buyer's eye to the best features of the home. We accomplish this by:

-Removing personal items and taste-specific decor
-Ensuring each space is clearly defined and functional
-Establishing an attractive focal point in each room to create the "WOW" factor
-Removing and repurposing furnishings that distract the eye from the home's assets
-Strategically placing furnishings to accentuate the best features of the home


Our design services can transform your home in a matter of hours. This can be accomplished by:

-Using the furniture and accessories you already own
-Detailed consultation to collaboratively decide what the space needs
-Proper placement of all items in a room
-Taking the time to put it all together

Why Stage a Vacant Property?

Properties that have well-appointed furnishings & decor sell quicker than those that are empty. Why is this… because only 10% of the population can visualize a vacant space. Staging the vacant property will draw the buyers attention away from blemishes or minor flaws and help the buyer form an attachment. Providing furnishings and decor items will create a “designer look”, will increase the appeal, and take away the impression that the seller may be anxious or desperate to get the house sold. Many times the buyer will offer less money for a vacant property. The cost of staging will typically be less than your first price reduction, will provide the “wow” for your marketing campaign and will help get buyers in the door and lingering in each room of the property.